The FHA Way

Our Mission

Make every home a happy home by protecting the household, and the people who stay within.

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Core Values
  • Passion and Commitment

    We are passionate about our commitment to our work, customers, colleagues, and family.

  • Honesty and Integrity

    We will always be honest and maintain integrity in our business with all our stakeholders.

  • Professional

    We learn to master our skills and be professional in every advice and service we offer.

  • Relationship

    We build our business on trusted relationships, rather than transactional relationships with our customers.

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Our Passion

Our people are our brand. We are a family and we do genuinely care for the wellbeing of our team. FHA family members are caring, practical, friendly and unbreakable. Ever-present yet not intrusive, somebody who is always there when you need them, with strong local community presence and knowledge.

We want to become a leading national player in the UK security industry and achieve this by enabling our Franchisees to grow their business in their local market.

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FHA® – is all about people

Right from the beginning FHA® follows a people-centric approach that has helped us garner positive reviews, and more business. We know that people are involved at every juncture of our business. Therefore, we always take into consideration our customers, our own engineers, executives and partners.

In choosing a solution for our customers, we maintaina brand and product neutral approach. That is, irrespective of the brands/products or profit margins, we implement the most ideal solution for each of our customers. The result: customers come looking for us.

Our people are our brand. We are a family and we do genuinely care for the wellbeing of our team. FHA® family members are caring, practical, friendly and more than anything else, trustworthy.

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What are our - strengths?

Strong local community presence and knowledge

Over 8 years of experience in generating leads and business through digital channels

Extensive marketing, branding and advertising plans for local franchisees

National marketing plan waiting to be launched

Worked extensively with leading branding specialists to generate a unique brand feel: fresh logo, tag lines and brand presence

Registered UK Trade Mark providing added protection

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Think. Think Again.

Our Franchisee recruitment process is detailed and thorough to ensure we both are a good fit for each other. We also like our prospect Franchisees to do a thorough research before starting your business with us. Here’s how we plan to take your through your journey with us.

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