The Franchisee Advantage

A franchisee gets to a market that’s nurtured to a certain level. Franchisees get the advantage of setting up business with the support and advice of an organisation that has successfully carried out 'first phase' pilot operations that serve as a blueprint. This system eliminates many of the risks that normal business start-ups face.

A study by the International Franchise Association (IFA) suggests that as many as 95% of new franchisees were still in business after five years, and 91% after seven years. In comparison, 50% of independent business starts up fail within the first year and up to 80% within the first five years.

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95 percent of franchisees are still in business after five years
91 percent after seven years
20% of independent businesses survive first 5 years

Think. Think Again.

Our Franchisee recruitment process is detailed and thorough to ensure we both are a good fit for each other. We also like our prospect Franchisees to do a thorough research before starting your business with us. Here’s how we plan to take your through your journey with us.

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